When is Easter in 2018?

Easter is a moveable feast, that is why year after year the day of Easter Sunday can fall on a different date.

Easter is maybe one the most important feast in the Christian calendar, in fact, Easter could be named also Pasch or even Resurrection Sunday, so originally Christians are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from death.

Later, as many other religion feasts, the importance of the religion sense is decreasing and it is being replaced by simply some holiday days.

The date of Easter Sunday changes every year, it is not fixed on the civil calendar, then, what shall we do to know when is Easter?

To find out when is Easter, you can calculate by using the moon calendar. Since the First Council of Nicea, celebrated on 325, it was established that Easter Sunday will ever be the first Sunday after the first full Moon after the spring astronomical equinox.

We know that the first full moon after equinox could occur as soonest on 21st. March. Then, Sunday Easter can be as soonest on March 22nd...never before.

Then, in a very easy way you can find out by yourself when is Easter this year, just take a calendar in which moon phases are shown... look up for the first full moon after the spring equinox (after 20th. March). The first Sunday after the full moon is the Easter Day.

Find when is Easter for the next years:

  • Easter Sunday 2015 April 5
  • Easter Sunday 2016 March 27
  • Easter Sunday 2017 April 16
  • Easter Sunday 2018 April 1
  • Easter Sunday 2019 April 21
  • Easter Sunday 2020 April 12
  • Easter Sunday 2021 April 4
  • Easter Sunday 2022 April 17

When is Easter