Easter Dates

Easter Dates are variable year after year. There is not a fixed day in the calendar that corresponse to Easter Sunday.

Then, if Easter date is changing every year, what is the method of calculation to know when is Easter?

To find out when is Easter, you have to look at the moon calendar: Easter Day will be the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox. It is simple. The complete Easter week begins on the previous Monday.

Here you can find the Easter dates for some years:

  • Easter Sunday 2015 April 5
  • Easter Sunday 2016 March 27
  • Easter Sunday 2017 April 16
  • Easter Sunday 2018 April 1
  • Easter Sunday 2019 April 21
  • Easter Sunday 2020 April 12
  • Easter Sunday 2021 April 4
  • Easter Sunday 2022 April 17

Easter Day is celebrated in the most occidental countries, introducing some popular traditions like eggs Hunt.

Easter Dates