Easter Day

Easter Day is for the Christians the Resurrection Sunday, they day in which Jesus resurrected from the death after the Holy week, last week in the life of Jesus.

Easter Day is not a fixed day on the civil calendar, it does not occur in same date every year,...in this case, it seems to be difficult to learn when is Easter each year.

To find it out, you should look at the moon calendar.

The first Sunday after the full moon after the spring equinox will be always the Easter Day.

To make it easier, we have calculated them for you... please, find below the date of the Easter Day for some past and next years:

  • Easter Sunday 2012 April 8
  • Easter Sunday 2013 March 31
  • Easter Sunday 2014 April 20
  • Easter Sunday 2015 April 5
  • Easter Sunday 2016 March 27
  • Easter Sunday 2017 April 16
  • Easter Sunday 2018 April 1
  • Easter Sunday 2019 April 21
  • Easter Sunday 2020 April 12
  • Easter Sunday 2021 April 4
  • Easter Sunday 2022 April 17

You will then on time to prepare your Easter Eggs and Easter Baskets, there are no excuses...

Easter Day