Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs are a very old tradition in a lot of countries all around the world. But, what are exactly Easter Eggs?

Decorationg eggshell is a very old tradition, there were found Ostrich engraved eggs in Africa that are more than 60.000 years old.

Eggs used to be a symbol of rebirth and hope. These meanings are totally related to spring time. During thousand of years, humans have celebrated spring and, in any point of the history, they decided to start decorating this symbol.

Firstly, Easter Eggs were exclusevely real dyed eggs, but at these moments, chocolate eggs (fullfilled or not with some Easter Candy) have replaced the old tradition.

Tradition says that Easter Bunny brings and hide eggs on Easter Sunday and children have to look form them.

In a lot of countries, on Easter Sunday, children go for Egg Hunt, a game in which children have to find the hidden eggs inside and outside home. Parents use to hide chocolate eggs and Easter Candy.

For this purpose, for the Egg hunt, lot of families make their own Easter Basket, usually manually made by parents and children, all together.

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Easter Eggs