Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is the most important day of all the Eastern Week or Holy Week, is the day of the biggest celebration.

Easter Sunday is a Christian celebration, also called Resurrection Sunday, last day of the Holy week...
This Sunday represents the day Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead.

However, this celebration also has another meaning, not related with religion but with simbology...it seems to be an oldest tradition to celebrate fertility and rebirth that spring is bringing to earth.

From this last meanning of Easter Sunday, there is born the popular tradition of Eggs Hunt. Painted eggs are hidden and children must found them out and to put them in their baskets.

As everything changes, dyed and painted eggs have been substitued by chocolate eggs and bunnies that children collect to have fun and, of course, to eat!

Easter Sunday is a moveable feast that can variate on the calendar date, here you can find out when is easter this year.

Easter Sunday